Research Question: How would television home shopping channels attract and engage the 18-30 year old demographic?

Logos (from paper to pixels): Logo Concept Development

QCloud LogoQCloud Logo (Colour Variations)

Promo (10.09.2012):

On-Screen Graphics (OSG) Tester (15.09.2012):

Title Sound Test (17.09.2012):

Title Sound Test 2 (20.09.2012):

Title Animation Variation (20.09.2012):

Visit to QVC Studios (21.09.2012): QVC Notes RE OSG

Poll 1 on OSG (24.09.2012): Poll Page 1

OSG Overload Example (26.09.2012):

Subtle Motion 1 (27.09.2012):

Subtle Motion 2 (27.09.2012):

Subtle Motion 3 (27.09.2012):

Presentation Feedback (28.09.2012): SEE BELOW

Maverick Television Questions (29.09.2012): Maverick Television Notes RE Embarrassing Bodies Live at the Clinic Technology

ThinkBox TV Technologies Workshop (01.10.2012): ThinkBox TV Notes RE Television Technologies

Poll 2 on OSG (14.10.2012): Poll Page 2

Design 5 Typography (17.10.12): Variations

Tablet OSG Tester (31.10.12):

Tablet OSG Sample (03.11.12):

TV OSG Tester (03.11.12):

YouTube OSG Sample (03.11.12):

YouTube Channel Live (04.11.12):

QCloud Trailer (06.11.12):

Plan of action:

  • Re-record promo
  • Survey on attention span towards OSG
  • Testers on subtle effects/motions which will draw back attention to the graphics/information
  • Information that updates itself; how to make that clever…
  • Create OSG that overloads – for comparison purposes
  • Make sounds on sting/intro stronger
  • Really analyse the components of shopping channel OSG; what works, what do I want to avoid?
  • Collate what graphics other shopping avenues are using to attract attention (TV, print, digital) for demographic – Can only find digital examples
  • Survey on updated OSG
  • “Call for presenters” promo – decide best not to
  • Work on the look/style of the panels – be visual
  • Make sure panels remain stylish, try new fonts
  • Animate new OSG
  • Promo showcasing all platforms

Presentation Feedback:

Tutors present

  • David Daniels
  • John Bateson

Summary of points raised

  • Update on progress:
    • From the initial survey of people’s perceptions to television home shopping channels
    • Overview of the 3 identified problems (product, presenter, graphics)
    • Research to support findings and decisions
    • Promo on what the resolution could be
    • Dilemma now faced

Strengths identified. What worked?

  • “No dilemma” – researched showed that people only want to see it at the beginning and at the end, and that “information isn’t really that important” – research and feedback point to this
  • Your backing up/research makes it clear how you got to where you are
  • An interesting project which would be great for the branding students

 Issues raised. What could be better?

  • RE on-screen graphics, could be like an iPhone app – shows the info at the start and end only
    • Subtleties aren’t necessary (to attract attention)
    • Check RE legal requirements on what info can be omitted
  • Dilemma on making it real/work/practical – don’t treat it like a real job
    • Don’t get too involved in how it could work, do what you want
    • The opportunity is there to make it stylish, to target a sophisticated audience
    • Users could interject on screen live

Action plans. What can I do to improve the project?

  • Explore showing how it could be…
    • Typographic treatment
    • Photographic treatment
    • Make your own logo
  • Look at the panels
    • Try things, experiment
  • Can show a variety of work, doesn’t have to be a single solution
  • Have fun with it! Make it visual