Initial Major Project Promo Video for 11 September:

Without narrative, how might a short film comprised of fragments of ambiguous and indirect moments evoke, embody and intensify our emotions and notions about a film genre?


Major Project Presentation – Planning ahead of presentation on 28 September

  • To produce a draft version of 2 of my 3 “genre” films – at the moment these first two will probably be “hi-end” Sci-Fi and “modern” WWII.
  • Aim is to show how these films themselves can evoke the feel of their genre using not only the selection of indirect and unexpected sequences, but various editing and other techniques such as: zoom/isolation, repetition, colour treatment, adjustments in timing and speed.
  • I aim to incorporate a metaphorical “backbone” to run through the films, which I may film myself. As an illustration, an example of this for the Suspense genre might be intercutting the film with a close-up of a fraying rope, which is shown at intervals as the film progresses – coming to the end of its tether, until at the end it snaps.
  • As such I will have to have selected and defined these initial 2 genres, including selection and acquisition of films from which to source footage.
  • Also helpful will be some form of detailed cinematic formal analysis of each of these two genres (lighting, sound, composition, pace, movement, and all salient aspects of mise en scene), plus an analysis or perhaps more accurately research+interpretation of the key themes or concerns of these genres.
  • A set of rules/guidelines/boundaries for selection/non-selection of clips will have to be defined and probably evolved to frame the process of clip selection
  • Some research, discussion, thinking about how these indirect non-narrative aspects of film operate to enhance and evoke feeling in viewers, and suggestions of how I am planning to explore the use of these mechanisms in my semi-abstract short films representing 3 genres.