Here is the link to my peer group brief teaser/ info trailer for my final major project:


I proposed the idea that the modernised Shakespearian character video diaries could be hosted on a specific/ specially made website, similar to Youtube or Ustream, where the characters provide their videos for the public. The graphics I tried to produce were intended to make it appear like the character was streaming the video live (like how Ustream works).

I’m worried about the quality of my graphic design and branding skills. David said to concentrate on the concept and details of my idea before focusing on the look of it.

Points made:
Providing more information based on interested gained watching the video?
e.g. link to the original Shakespearian text, link to a performance that’s showing, merchandise, specific theatre website, like the RSC (though I think this idea can remain neutral to all theatres and locations for the moment).
I could use annotations (pictures with links that come up in the video) to link the video to this extra information.
Building the story:
I also said that it could link to another character’s video from the same play, so that the story could gradually evolve through this diary format.
Public contribution:
Consider whether people could respond to these videos with their own interpretations or to continue the story. Should there be rules, e.g. always in front of the camera, no actors? etc. The material and interest can grow by relying on public contribution (?)
Homemade feel:
The concept is to target normal people from any background, and help them understand Shakespeare in a completely novel way. It targets young people as it is using these online platforms and methods of communication that the younger generation are recognising and using more and more.
– Iron out the details of this concept, how it works, how it can be built up, how it achieves all my objectives etc.
– Collect more content (character video diaries) so that I am able to show examples of the story building idea etc.
– Work on the look and graphics for some parts of this concept to help illustrate better how it would work with the content.
– Sell it to the group as answering the question of how I can attract a new audience (by utilizing the visuals  and communication methods younger people are used to seeing now, by expressing the stories in a normal modern way by normal people the audience can possibly relate to). ((etc.))