First I would like to apologise for the mistakes I’m going to have in this proposal summary,

I’ll review it as soon as possible to correct my mistakes and to put more clear my proposal.

My idea is to make a music video.


Investigate how to construct interesting stories through a good storyboard,

learn more about how to combine the sound which plays a important role when it comes with images.


I want to learn and improve my abilities with the software (after effects and cinema4D).

Trying to define and create a recognizable style of work to be relevant, different and fresh, trying always to create new stuff.

Mix some techniques I’ve learned so far such as digital artwork, illustration, graphic design and typography.

Understand and concentrate in what kind of music works better for my projects ,

ir order to recognize the feelings that transmit each particular song.


Ned Wenlock


Julien Vallé

Steffen K.