This is just a sketch of my project. Some important details are still to be developed.
Any feedback from your part would be more than welcome.

The proposed project will study the motion design and video as the future of the web content. The focus will be put on how the web-based design products can interact with different kinds of moving image in an unsettled dynamic context.

The overall aim of this project is to understand the interaction between the human eye and the screen, to explore how this Interaction is possible and its functional mechanisms.
The objectives of the study are:
– To study the design of animated web sites, as part of the new graphic design reality.
– To define the role of usability in video based web sites.
– To experiment the latest technologies for online video production.
– To present emerging trends for web video creation and moving image in the web design context.
For me as a student it will be an opportunity to achieve new technological skills and software knowledge, keeping in mind the importance of gaining broad abilities but also specializing in specific ones. Learn about the current state of the industry, professional studios, screen-based designers, career development, etc.

Since the early 2000′s, we’ve been immersed in a transition period between TV and the web. Actually, By means of new media, motion design can be defined as the synergy of interactive and classic communication. In recent times web based video production has gained enormous momentum as a fundamental media type for all new visual content. This has largely been driven by the adoption of Flash Video, which has approximately 75% market-share for online video. But the launch of the next major revision of HTML, the language of the internet, is set to revolutionize the way web developers and designers create websites and the way visitors use them. The basic idea behind HTML5 video is that there would be a common video format that could be placed and rendered into any compatible web browser, conceptually replacing the need for the Flash run-time to render video in browsers. It is expected that in a long term HTML5 Video will replace Flash Video. There is wide spread sense of uncertainty of what exactly will happen in the field of the web based moving image communication and this is what makes the future so interesting: we can still be surprised and be creative with emerging technologies.

Key words:
Web – Interactive – Motion Graphics – Future – Technology – Audience behaviour.

Besides making sure there will be plenty of green tea & coke available, the action plan has not been developed yet.