Research Question

How can animated typography bring an important value to motion graphics? What is the strongest approach to demonstrate the value of type with pictograms? How can motion graphics and animated typography demonstrate a clear form of communication without misleading the audience? How can typography and illustration be combined without stimulating a sense of confusion?

Aims and Objectives

For now, the areas that i have been looking into are advertisements using the elements of moving pictograms with type. The first clip that dragged my attention was ‘word and image’ clip, animating the word with its meaning.

This clip, was a first approach into observing how important the movement of the type needs to be carried out in order to communicate the word and also the impact of the sound with the meaning of the word.

Another advertisement, that caught my attention to how typography and animated illustration was handled together in order to bring attention to the audience, what the american express commercial on television. Unfortunately, youtube does not provide a clip to demonstrate, probably for security reasons. But these are the few clips that i have been observing combining the form of typography, video and illustration.

Looking at these clips, I definitely have an intention to create a video within the same strategy of communicating through moving type and illustrations. Right now, in the media, these establishment of demonstrating a different form of commercials or storyboards through this method is and immense pull to the viewer eye in order to undertand the product and the idea. However, in order to apply a strong video, i do recognize the fact that i will need to understand the technical side more, therefore my aim is to focus on a specific storyboard that i am interested in and gradually understand how each movement can be acted out. By focusing, on a specific storyboard, it will be a challenge to create the animated piece by understanding the technical side by following a certain aim of what I want to demonstrate in my video.


At the moment, the first idea for a storyboard that i would like to demonstrate to a moving image is choosing a chapter from the book ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder, published in 1991. It was a best-seller, sold 30 million copies and was a great success for the Norwegian writing. It is based on the history of philosophy, from ancient Greece to Christianity through the middle ages. The feeling that lies from this book, is question of nature and our lives.  I would like to demonstrate a moving story board of a specific chapter of this book, animating with typography and illustrations, using Sophie as the voice to the video. This is something that I have had in mind, and it would be a great challenge to achieve. Now, the chapter that i would like to choose, i am really not so sure yet. I will need to analyze the book more deeply and create certain test of storyboards to see how it can be demonstrated.Also, my approach and feeling to this project will need more thought, into what style and attitude it will need to establish.

Action Plan

My plan for now, is getting use to the softwares in order to animate my storyboard. The idea of how I want to create the storyboard will need a good level of technical skills, so I need to focus in how iam going to create them. I will need to collect a good amount of examples of what has already been created for the book. Also, my plan is to select chapters, and first create rough illustration (story boards) on paper, and then try to create test for each one. I will need to identify the idea first for each chapter till i am ready to select one. For now, this is what is running though my mind for my major proposal. Animated typography with illustrations displaying a chapter from ‘Sophie World.’