how videos can communicate more than simple static graphics? Which are the elements that create this difference and which is the best way to use them into the Advertising Field? Is really possible communicate articulated concepts with few simple signs and motions leaving our brain to do the rest?




Advertising is definitely the field I am interested in, for many reasons: it is one of the most rich area for Motion Graphic Designers and it could give us a huge amount of opportunities to invent new stuff and express ourselves combining the passion of create, together with get money.

In Italy I have a solid group of work made by my old BA friends, we are growing up offering new Ideas and solutions about Fashion and Advertising.  Mainly my position inside the “collective” is the creative part in every kind of work we accept. It is really satisfying partecipate in this process and my intention when I came here was clearly to upgrade my skills bringing ulterior quality to my Brand and to my personal growth.

Photography and video (whether constituted by motion graphics or filmmaking) are my obsession since I decided to twist my passions into a real work. Try to imagine how many concepts you can explain with a 30 sec video: signs, shapes, suggestions, films, colours, writings; on my opinion, in terms of communication,  this brings videos one step forward than printed graphics.

Communicate a message, is more than show something to someone. The key behind every form of graphics, whether in print or video format,  is not how it is made ( typography, 2d graphics, screenprinting, etc, etc)  but how it communicates: this makes our work always amazing, because when you are trying to design a new piece you are playing a match against the Obvious and the “already known” using just your mind and your creativity. I believe one of the rules of this world is “try to find easy solutions to tricky problems”. Basically our work would be nothing without the use of psychology.

An example I consider really interesting is the Gestalt Psychology:

”Gestalt psychology is based on the observation that we often experience things that are not a part of our simple sensations.  The original observation was Wertheimer’s, when he noted that we perceive motion where there is nothing more than a rapid sequence of individual sensory events.  This is what he saw in the toy stroboscope he bought at the Frankfurt train station, and what he saw in his laboratory when he experimented with lights flashing in rapid succession (like the Christmas lights that appear to course around the tree, or the fancy neon signs in Las Vegas that seem to move).  The effect is called apparent motion, and it is actually the basic principle of motion pictures.”




Clearly one of my objectives is improve my knowledge about Motion Graphics and Filmmaking. Here in England many things are different: how to approach a new brief, how to work on it and what is the best way to achieve that. For me everyday here is a new discover, for this reason the first aim I suppose for myself is to assimilate this new different system of work.

Technically I think all of the classroom is on the same level of knowledge about softwares and there is a good agreement among us, this we will help us to grow on that aspect. I aim to get a high level of technical knowledge because I usually have lots of Ideas that would need to be realized but without the right tools is not possible. For this reason I will partecipate to every kind of experience the school will offer us.

My aim is to create my personal “graphic” language, I wish use it for every kind of work I will get. It should be complete under every aspect, it should communicate what I do and who I am through a solid corporate image. My final project will be my “masterpiece”, a sort of format of my skills I could present to a client or to an agency. I would like to take my Brand like case of study,  trying to write it graphically with my new “code”.

I like saying that I am attending this school with my mind switched in “sponge” mode: I love working with 12 people coming from different countries because we are all working differently on the same target and this makes indirectly our view wider day by day.




I would like to find and use a complete “graphic language”.  I would like to find an effective code of signs, colours and symbols to communicate. In our society where people have few free time during their day life it’s really important discover new ways of communication; they have to be fast, clear and simple. ( It becomes more difficult when you have a video of 5 seconds for example ). My intent is to study deeply these “faster ways” of communication to build my personal graphic code. It should be a perfect mix between gestalt psychology and new trends running into the advertising world.




I will investigate into visual psychology trying to catch the points useful to create the basics of my research of communication, Gestalt laws are a good point of beginning. I like the first brief concept, it is teaching me how to arrange a work using simple elements like shapes, it is more or less a primitive form of my “graphic language” ( I really need to find a name to what I’m working on because it’s impossible to use thousands names everytime I need to mention it !!! ). In the mean time I will work hard on softwares, I know they are less important than ideas but I really need to learn how to do some tricks with AE.

To produce this kind of “visual System” I will continue to feed my mind with expositions, workshops, researches, etc, etc, in this period in London I have to be hungry of creativity every moment, I think more I will assimilate more I will produce.