Hi everybody,

Thanks to all of you for your comments, these were really helpful. Now I have clear what I want to research, so my essay has changed a little bit, but in some aspects continue being related to the precious one.

This is my essay structure, all of your comments are more than welcome:

Research question

Are human values re-emerging in the contemporary graphic design practice?


-Brief description telling about what I am researching, Why graphic designers are reverting back 

to works with a handmade touch?

– Look  for aspects like handmade typography and investigate the relation of the aesthetic used nowadays in    relation to past movements/methods.

– What offer a handmade work in regards to add value to the form / design?

– What can offer a handmade work to the result of a design that modern proccess / digital work don’t offer?

– Look at works of contemporary graphic designers to see how this use is applied.

Some examples:








– Do a research of brands which are taking inspiration of the use of handmade / DIY stuff.

Here you can see some examples:

Advertising campaign:

Nike: Make it count 2012


Urban Outfitters new logo 2011:


Books you can buy in Sixpack France shop inspired by zines.


Questions to develop my conclusion

Is all of this just a question of trend where graphic designers are trying to be “differents”(not using just computer)in a digital era? Are the big business (like the examples of brands I put above: nike, sixpack, urban outfitters…) destroying the handmade aesthetic?