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This is one of my final stuff for my essay ;

In my opinion, the whole point of retro and kitsch, it is a matter of taste. Fundamental to any understanding of kitsch and retro is the idea of taste. What is taste? “Taste, of course, is the faculty we posses for enjoying and discerning beauty. Like any exercise of judgement, decisions as to what is tasteful and what is not are based upon an amalgam of influences from different times and different places.’ Page 6 – kitsch in sync.

The same applies to retro. What I already said about retro; it can be a longing to an another decade, and that is a matter of taste. Retro seems, like kitsch, to be a taste-related issue too.


It is hard to make a difference between kitsch and retro. Is retro the cool cousin of kitsch or is kitsch the jovial cousin of retro? It is a matter of taste, it is about how you can look to things with a lens. Kitsch and retro may be lenses which through their difference allow us to see how we are – by looking askance. It is also how the audience watch the films. People influence each other about taste.


If over a number of years a film has become associated with kitsch or fallen into the category of kitsch – and this has become the case because this is widely accepted – then perhaps it has accrued a range of connotations over that time as it has become strongly associated with a set of values. Maybe an exaggerated set of values.