My 1.2 essay is about Technology in Graphic Design
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Research question: Are algorithms killing the graphic design practice?

The graphic design practice, like many other fields, has being deeply and widely transformed by the emergence of new technologies.
If in the past century the work of the graphic designer was close to the illustrator in present times it is strongly linked to computer science. Graphic designers now work on websites, software interfaces, together with other new tasks. As a result, technology has come to play a much more important role in design. Some scholars and professionals have discussed the close relation between technology and design, and have also questioned where this brings the profession. Are the identity and role of the graphic designer being transformed? Is the essence of the design practice changing substantially? Is it for good or for bad?
It seems that the proliferation and generalisation of new technologies is allowing those users with no design background to take away from the work traditionally performed by graphic designers. What will be the main role o the graphic designer in the future, is it becoming something purely technical role as it is loosing its artistic nature? This leads to another important question: How should educational programs balance the need to teach the basic principles of the design with teaching more practical skills like the use of software packages? How can educational institutions successfully adapt to this dynamic context? The algorisms are behind any computer programme used in the field of graphic design, since photo manipulation to web design and motion graphics. Now, the question to be answered is to what extent will these algorithms terminate the graphic design practice to reduce it to a simple sequence of computer skills.