Hi everybody,

this is a short view of my essay, I would like to share it with you because I want to know if it is a good theme to investigate, therefore, I will appreciate all of your opinions, thanks.

Research question:

Typography in zines and contemporary magazines: A space to explore


Due to my interest in typography, editorial design and zines, I would like to research into the use of contemporary typography and layout.

Having said this, I will look about the use of typography in the context of the history of zines (from the 80’s up to date)

First, I will look for information about relevants typographers from the past like David Carson and Neville Brody (who I think have had a great impact in the work of new graphic artists), but also I will look for contemporary  graphic designers / studios like Hort (who are the ones I am interested  in and I think they are relevants in the subject I am looking into).

By other hand, will put some examples of new graphic designers who are taking inspiration from the concept of zines.

After this, I will investigate why nowadays graphic designers are reverting back to handmade typography and the mix of it with digital typography (which is very present in zines and contemporary magazines) In addition to finding the qualities, methods and applications of hand drawn typography.

My essay is very related to my major proposal but in Unit 1.2 I am going to be focus on typographic aspects and my major proposal is more related to small-press, indie publishing and DIY culture, so doing this research is going to give more knowledge about one theme I am going to explore in my Unit 1.3.