Hi all, I’m going to write a sort of scheme for what I have thought to develop for my research… I read screen and rethoric text and also I have followed carefully the posts you wrote in here about those themes..


First of all I need some helps to define better my research question, I thought “In these days which is the best way to communicate?”.. the aim beyond this question would be, in this time, where you can find thousands ways to show what you want to say, which is the best one? or better, which is the right way to do it without being polluted by dangerous effects on your mind and to look serious and professional?

( any suggestions about the right way to write the question are seriously accepted because I find difficult compress all those intentions in only one phrase)

I would like to start speaking about mainstream systems of communication and than give examples and comments regarding especially our fields ( communication wants to mean: advertising and every way to promote it).

so, writing a short scheme

– Net 2.0 ( its structure designed to facilitate consumption ( the logic of “clicks” on websites)–> the use of rethoric understood as use of emotional images to improve that phenomenon)
-Forms of communications, then printed (magazines, flyers, books, posters, etc) or digital ( socialnetworks, advertising on banners, youtube, pop-up, etc). About socialnetworks give some reflections on their negative effects on people, loneliness, neurosis, curiosity, the loss of old way to live into a group of friends and share with them particular moments, and even the loss of concentrations (mentioning Nick Bell).

-Positive aspects, my personal opinion about all this forms, especially about the effect of Web 2.0 on our life

– Start developing a strategy of communication using like solid basics what I have read into Bonsiepe and Ehses’ articles. So have a strong clear Idea, have a good use of rethoric understood as a powerful mix between what you want to say and what you are showing, know ever the needs of your public, show a strong figure of you and your work.

This is going to be strongly related to my 1.3 because in that I would explain my will to find a personal style of work, etc, etc.. so this research could help me to clarify ideas…

what do you think about it? I am really scared to do a wrong essay or going off the brief..

I will wait for your feedbacks, thank you very much, for me this 1.2 is being really difficult!!!! :p