Sorry about this guys, you can ignore the posts with details on my essay if you want. It just helps putting it on here…

Original Lo-Fi designs (zines and music posters etc):

Riot Grrrrl Flyer (original punk movement, anarchy and feminism).

“Suck My Left One” Bikini Kill video (playing live).

Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen” artwork (original cut and paste punk lo-fi image).

The Zeros album cover (old punk band from the 80s).

“Amazing Stories” zine by Forest James Ackerman (early example of the zine from the 1920s).

Tolkien Journal zine (another early example of the zine).

“God Save The Queen” Sex Pistols music video (lo-fi filming and editing).

Lo-Fi art and design nowadays:

Queen of Anti-Social Blog (make up artist & creative director in fashion shoots, personal blog – uses disposable cameras)

Judy’s Vintage Fair Poster (uses simple clip art to reflect vintage appeal and relate to what it is advertising).

Sutton Vintage & Arts Faire poster (another example of the above).

Maximum Rock and Roll magazine (current punk magazine! Still upholding the original values in it’s visuals!)

House of Blues club poster (using lo-fi production techniques).

“It’s Not Over Yet” amateur video (my friend filmed and recorded in a simple manner).

Josh Ritter, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” music video (Made completely out of construction paper and no effects added).

Oren Lavie, “Her Morning Elegance” music video (made completely of thousands of photos).

Idea You Gave Me A Fright Dear blog (Vintage fashion enthusiast using the blog platform to share her ideas, like the original zines used to do.)

Ye Rin Mok (lo-fi photographer).

Bunny Bissoux blog (Illustrator documenting her experiences in Japan. Again, illustrating the use of the blog as the modern zine, and her artwork is lo-fi :-))

Corporate use of Lo-Fi:

Juergen Teller photo (Fashion photographer who uses lo-tech and low quality images).

Celine Fall fashion poster (example of Juergen Teller’s work in mainstream fashion).

“The Artist” film still (recent release of a movie made to look period, shot in black and white and mimics the production techniques of the old silent movies).

Urban Outfitters website (fashion brand that promotes using lo-fi images and styles. It is probably a negative example, where it is just about fashion not the method).

American Apparel website (same as the above).

McCain ‘Chip Perfection’ TV advert (shot and made in a simple, hand made looking charm).

Crabbies Ginger Beer advert (using period fashion and references and humour).

Benefit Cosmetics website (using the appeal of the vintage look and values to brand their products and company image).

“Jamie At Home” book cover (Jamie Oliver’s series based at his home, using friendly hand drawn doodles and graphics).

TopShop website (using retro images but only for fashion and consumables)

Current producers using internet to go against corporate barriers:

“Forever Yours”, Alex Day music video (YouTuber who creates and releases his own music without a label and came no. 4 in the chart!).

Chrysalis Films company website (small group of film artists and editors, one of them who started out self taught on YouTube).

KB Productions FaceBook page (Friend who is an amateur photographer and is publicising his own work).

Owl And The Pussycat vintage shop (friend that has created her own online shop and buys second hand clothes and customises them herself to re-sell).

Lo-Fi design in Cultural use:

“Surfers Against Sewage” clean up campaign images (Using lo-fi sculptures to create images).

yeeeh, if anyone else knows of any more…..