Hi peepz!
I’m gonna write about kitsch and retro in the 80’s films.
My question is, when can we call a film retro or kitsch? (Think about Rambo, Commando, Star Wars, Back to the Future, the typical 80s films.)

I’m gonna research what kind of decade the 80 was in films, and when can we use the word retro or kitsch. There’s plenty information about kitsch in films, but not much about ‘retro’.

Kitsch in films;
… Its to be found in the false sentiment and the phony characters, the plucking at the heart-strings, the unreal dialogue, sweetly happy endings, bogusly wholesome standards and ham-fisted moralising.

Regular movies are multi-million dollar operations in which no person rarely has a free rein – unless they’re Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood, of course. However, most movies that are made on a low budget are transcendent expressions of a single person’s quirky originality, and this gives them a special quality. The movies that are the most fun and simultaneously the most kitsch are to be found in this low-budget tradition.”
Like the grotesque characters, good ends, the impossible storyline, ham acting, etc.

“to qualify as kitsch and simply not bad taste, there as to be a real sense of the ridiculous present. The ridiculousness manifests itself in many ways”

I was thinking what retro means if we use in the context of film.
Retro means; from the Oxford Dictionary; imitative of a style from the recent past.

Wiki says; (i know! :P)
“Retro is culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode or fashion from the overall postmodernism past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again.”
I have my doubts about the word “functionally”.

To use the word ‘retro’ for a film;
– The feeling of retro is, when you were a child, watched a film and loved id. When you grow up, the film become a retro film, because it’s sentimental.
– It’s a sentimental nostalgia.
– The most people want to believe that what they were into as a kid is considered retro.
– The longing to an another time decade, it can be a time of before you were born.

What are you thoughts about labeling a film – retro? -help me
Is it a matter of taste? For example, I really love Rambo, I can say, for example, it’s retro. But some of you can say, its kitsch.