So this “New Rhetoric” seems to based around the idea of not just being in language and text, but in the combination of text and images, and using semiotics to illustrate it.

Part of this new rhetoric is taking on the Humanistic approach to sell the idea. Maybe because of the use of semiotics, or just because that’s how people relate to visual communication these days, but everything is a lot more sensitive to the emotions, feelings and associations of people.

As Umberto Eco states: “Almost all human reasoning about facts, decisions, opinions, beliefs, and values is no longer considered to be based on the authority of absolute Reason, but instead is seen to be intertwined with emotional elements, historical evaluations and pragmatic motivations”, so the new rhetoric is about relating to the viewers on a personal, open level. Eco again states, “consider the persuasive discourse not as a subtle, fraudulent procedure, but as a technique of ‘reasonable’ human interaction.”

I am assuming that this new approach has developed the new approach in marketing that Nick Bell mentioned? About building long term relationships with consumers. Has it triggered the new “Brand Experience Design?”

Is it also provoking a new type of Information Design? In what way is it changing it?

“Corporate identity will have succeeded for a company such as this if favourable public comprehension of it is not based on fact but instead is utterly emotional” – Nick Bell.